From Mayor, D.L.Peterson

Hard to believe it has been almost one year since I was elected Mayor of Bode. Let me start by saying I need to thank our City Clerk (Becky) and our City Maintenance (Todd and Jeff) without these people my job would be impossible to do. Please keep in mind that they donít make policy, that would be the city council and myself so please take any problem you may have to any of us.

I wanted to touch on a couple items that can use attention. One being animals that are being allowed to run free in town. If these animals are reported to the L.E.C. they can be taken to the animal shelter in Humboldt and you will have to pay to get them back, so please keep your Dogs and other animals confined to your property. We have been working with a few citizens about abandoned vehicles and properties that have needed some attention. If you have vehicles that donít run, and you donít plan on fixing them there are places you can call and have them removed. If you have stuff around your property that could be considered junk, please either have it removed or put it somewhere out of sight your neighbors shouldnít have to look at it.†††

Unfortunately, winter will be here sooner than we would like so please keep your vehicles as far off the street


as you can get them, it will make removing the snow easier for Todd.Also remember once the snow has been moved do not put your snow back on the street, you will be charged to have it removed.

I hope living in Bode is enjoyable and we have made life a little easier on you, if you need to talk to me, I am always available to talk.D.L. Peterson

City Hall News

Fall is upon us; it really is a beautiful season! I hope everyone has a chance to enjoy it. A perfect time to enjoy the changing leaves, pumpkins, and football games. Combines will soon be running full force; we hope for a safe and plentiful harvest

This would be a great opportunity to clean up around your property before winter sets in.

We are pleased to announce that the city has been approved for a USDA grant in the amount of $44,600 that will be used towards a new Utility Tractor.


The City of Bode will be flushing hydrants Friday October 21st; please refrain from doing laundry as the water may become discolored. Should you see discoloration, run the faucet for a few minutes and it should clear!



Trick or Treat night has been set for Monday October 31st from 5PM-7PM.

The Bode Library is also sponsoring a ďcostume paradeĒ that will begin at 4:30PM; please meet at the library to enjoy seeing all of the different costumes and enjoy fun before Trick or Treat begins!

Snow and Ice:

With winter weather, the city would like to remind you that it is the responsibility of the property owner to remove all-natural accumulation of snow and ice from sidewalks within a reasonable amount of time after accumulation.

Please do not blow or shovel your snow into the streets! When the snow plows have been through your streets and the snow from your property is blown into the streets after; this snow soon becomes

packed/turns to ice and causes very slippery conditions on the streets.

Bode Library

You need to read "The Greatest Beer Run Ever".  It's about four friends in a bar that decided they needed to take their buddies who are fighting in Vietnam a beer.  How they accomplished this is quite a story. And it's a true story, currently being made into a movie starring Zac Efron and Russell Crowe.  We have this book in the library, come and check it out!

Bode Community Club

The Community Club has had many ongoing projects this year.

Woodworkers from Humboldt are going to make another Veteransí flag display in the community center.

The City Park shelter along with the picnic tables have been painted, using money from can donations; Thanks to all that donate!

Green Gables did the additional work on the mini park on main street.

Community Club volunteers provided baked goods to sell at Normís General Store event that took place August 8th.

Tractors lined main street on July 1st and we provided snacks to approximately 50 drivers.

A WWI Veteran Cemetery headstone and flag holder were knocked over and damaged. The Community Club, working with the VA, received replacement.

Our next meeting will be Thursday, November 10th at 5:30PM. We will be planning Santa Day, which will be held on December 10th.

Bode Fire Department

Happy Fall everyone!

Once again thank you to all of our generous community members for the support at our summer picnic. Your generous donations enable us to keep providing an essential service to the town and surrounding areas.

October is Fire Prevention month. Make sure to change the batteries in all of your smoke detectors and make sure they are in working order. Its also a good idea to have a plan of escape for your family in the event of a house fire. If anyone needs help with smoke detectors, please contact the Bode fire department or one of their members.

Harvest is just beginning so please be aware of the equipment on the road. With that being said, if you see emergency personnel on the road or at a scene, please stay clear, so that we can safely do our jobs. Have a safe Harvest!




The Bode Report is available at the City Hall and the Library. A December 27th deadline is set to make the January water bills.