We hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Whether you’ve been watching baseball games, attending reunions, or working in your garden. I think most of us agree that summer is a busy time! We have been blessed with some timely rains; here is to wishing this continues for a bountiful crop for our farmers and gardeners! By the time you read this the July 4th celebration maybe over; time sure does not stand still.



City Elections will take place this year. The city has 5 council seats and 1 mayor seat to be filled. City/school Elections will take place on November 7, 2023. With the state redistricting the polling place will be in Livermore. Nominations papers will be available in my office. The first day for Candidate Filing will be Monday August 28th and the filing deadline is Thursday September 21st @ 5PM. Nomination papers must be returned to Bode city hall.



The City of Bode still reads all water meters and sends out bills on a quarterly basis; if making payments towards this bill on a monthly/weekly schedule works





better for your household please contact me and we can work

together to come up with a payment plan. I would also like to

remind everyone that we have a drop off box at City Hall that can

be used when it is convenient for you.



Garbage pick- up is on Tuesday’s; everyone is allowed two City of Bode bags to be placed out for pick-up on garbage day. Any household exceeding this limit will be billed $2 per bag. These bags are available for purchase at City Hall, Bode Library,

and Norm’s General Store. These bags need to be tied, we are finding bags very full and left untied. Corrugated Cardboard is also an item that can no longer go to the landfill; this item should be placed in the recycle bin. If found in dumpsters we will not be able to empty your dumpster until you have removed this item.


Water Quality Report

The Consumer Confidence Report or Water Quality Report is complete, if you wish to obtain a copy of the report; they are available at the Bode City Hall during regular working hours. For questions regarding this report, please contact Todd McMahon.


Just a reminder that grass needs to be kept mowed, if it should reach 6 inches the city may mow and bill you as the owner of the property. The city charges $75 per lot. Also, please do not blow any grass into the streets, this ends up in our storm sewers and blocks the flow of water.

Bode Community Club

The Woodworkers from Humboldt have installed the new Veterans’ Flag display case. They are waiting for the doors to complete the project.

A permanent Veterans picture display case has been placed in the Community Center, pictures are available to view at any time, thanks to the library.

The damaged WWI cemetery marker of Clarence Dokkesven was replaced by the VA and the community club had it set in place. These projects were paid for with money left to the community club when the American Legion and Women’s Auxiliary disbanded.

We had a good turnout for the Memorial Day program, coffee and donuts were served after the program.

Karen Mitsven led the singing of the National Anthem and God Bless America, Angela Hampe-McKenna led the pledge of Allegiance, Jess Tepner showed to moving videos, and Geri Wheeler read two poems. Volunteers placed flags by the Veterans graves. The two flags of recently deceased Veterans, Roy Miller and Roland McKay were displayed in front of the Community Center.

Our next meeting will be on November 9th @ 5:30PM to plan Santa Day. Volunteers are welcome and appreciated.


Thanks to everyone that came to our annual "Brats & Burgers" Meal.  We have crafts for the younger children here at the library, call for more information.  There are several new books for your reading pleasure, stop in and check them out.


The Annual Fire Dept summer picnic is being held on   Sunday, August 27th from 11-1PM at the Bode Community Center. The meal will consist of BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, pork & beans, Cheese potatoes, and dessert. Free will donation! Hope to see you all come out and support our fire department and First responders.

With it being storm season; the tornado sirens will be set off as part of the county wide warning system. If a tornado is spotted anywhere within the county the Siren in town will be set off. The distinctions between the Tornado Siren and the Fire Siren are two different tones; the tornado siren is a constant tone, while the Fire Siren has a high/low tone. Please be aware of the difference. Also, in case of a tornado watch the tornado shelter located at the Fire station will be unlocked, if a warning is issued and citizens do not have adequate shelter, the basement of the Fire Department is available.


The Bode Report” is available at City Hall, Sept 29th is the deadline for the next newsletter.