We hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Whether you’ve been watching baseball games, attending reunions, or working in your garden. I think most of us agree that summer is a busy time! By the time you read this the July 4th celebration will be over; time sure does not stand still.



We would like to introduce you to a new program at Twin Rivers Elementary School that started in April. It’s called a School Pantry and it is available to all families in and around our surrounding area. This is funded through the food bank of Iowa. The only requirement that we ask for is the ages of the people in your household

This month our pick-up date will be July 7th from 430 p.m. to 600 p.m.   It is a drive-up system where you stay in your car, we come to you and ask for household information and ages and then we will put the bags in your car.   I do ask that you come to the back gravel parking lot where the playground is.  We will be distributing items from the double glass doors behind the school.  It would be appreciated if you could enter from the south and leave from the north, so the driver’s side is facing the school.

These items do vary each month so please look for the flyers around town and on FB approximately a week before distribution.

If you have questions, you can contact Paula Fulwider by email at or pm her on Facebook.



I cannot stress enough that ALL Cats and Dogs either need to be in a fenced in area or on a leash when outside. When walking your pet or if your pet enters anyone’s yard, it is the owner of the pet’s responsibility to clean-up after them! We have been receiving many complaints of pets off leash; please call the Humboldt County Sheriffs department when this happens. We have been informed that they will retrieve the animal and the owner will be responsible for any cost or citations associated with this.



The City of Bode still reads all water meters and sends out bills on a quarterly basis; if making payments towards this bill on a monthly/weekly schedule works better for your household please contact me and we can work together to come up with a payment plan. I would also like to

remind everyone that we have a drop off box located on the outside door of the Community Center for City Hall correspondents; that can be used when it is convenient for you.


Water Quality Report

The Consumer Confidence Report or Water Quality Report is complete, if you wish to obtain a copy of the report; they are available at the Bode City Hall during regular working hours and also available on our website. For questions regarding this report, please contact Todd McMahon.





Garbage pick- up is on Tuesday’s; everyone is allowed two City of Bode bags to be placed out for pick-up on garbage day. Any household exceeding this limit will be billed $2 per bag. These bags are available for purchase at City Hall, Bode Library,

and Norm’s General Store for purchase. These bags need to be tied,

we are finding bags very full and left untied. Corrugated Cardboard is also an item that can no longer go to the landfill; this item should be placed in the recycle bin. If found in dumpsters we will not be able to empty your dumpster until you have removed this item.


Just a reminder that grass needs to be kept mowed, if it should reach 6 inches the city may mow and bill you as the owner of the property. The city charges $50 per lot. Also, please do not blow any grass into the streets, this ends up in our storm sewers and blocks the flow of water.

Bode Community Club

The Bode Community Club’s omelets & egg hunt were held April 9th, many adults and children enjoyed this event.

Thanks to everyone that volunteered for this event.

The pretty flowers on main street are again provided by the Community Club, thanks to all who tend to these flowers.

Green Gables is still working on an estimate on additional work on the mini park, thanks to those who water every week. Please spread the word; do not use the mini park as an ashtray. Cigarette butts have to be picked up every week.


 Memorial Day Program was held at the Community Center. Roy Miller was on this year’s Roll of Honor. Thanks to all that volunteered. 100 small flags were placed by the Veterans graves during Memorial weekend. The Community Center will be needing another flag display case soon, information is being gathered on who can do this.

The Community Club provided refreshments for 80-90 tractors on July 1st.

The next meeting will be November 10th to plan Santa Day.


If you would like to read about our state the library has an extensive collection of books about Iowa. These are a sample: Ghostly Tales of Iowa, Iowa Curiosities, Oddball Iowa and Visit 939 Iowa which is about two young men that visited all the towns in Iowa and includes pictures of all. Watch for our annual "Brats and Burgers" coming in September.


We are in the planning stages of having our annual summer picnic. Tentative date of Sunday August 21st at the Community Center. As of now this will be a dine in event, flyers will be mailed in the near future.

If Humboldt County enters a tornado watch the Bode Fire Department is a tornado shelter and the basement will be open in case anyone is in need of shelter. Please enter at the South Door of the station and follow down the stairs.


The Bode Report” is available at City Hall, Sept 26th is the deadline for the next newsletter.