The Bode City Council met in regular session Monday June 3, 2024 at 5:30PM in the council chambers. Council members Tepner, Miller, Fulwider, and Hasfjord were present; absent McKenna. Also present were Anna Canning, Tina Canning, and Kevin Souder. Mayor Peterson called the meeting to order. A motion was made by Tepner, second by Miller to approve the agenda as posted. All ayes, motion carried. A motion was made by Miller, second by Hasfjord to approve the minutes of the May 6th & 20th council minutes as published. All ayes, motion carried.

Mayor Peterson addressed Kevin, Anna, and Tina as a complaint letter had been received by City Hall following Clean-Up days. The complaint stated they had asked for help to remove a couch on clean-up days at 203 Rosing Ave. City Maintenance did approach the property with the city tractor to remove this couch, words were exchanged. Council member Fulwider did ask a few questions. Following discussion; the council has directed City Maintenance to stay off of the property in the future.

Todd McMahon, City Maintenance informed the council that draw down at the lagoon would be complete June 15th, also informing them that the city dump truck had been taken to O’Halloran in Fort Dodge for some electrical issues.

A motion was made by Miller, second by Fulwider to approve building permits at Twin Rivers School for a swing set and 100 1st Street for a fence installed on the south side of the property. All ayes, motion carried.  

A motion was made by Miller, second by Tepner to approve a cigarette license to Norms General Store. All ayes, motion carried.

Council member Tepner discussed options to install cameras at the Bode City Park and also informed the council that the fire departments cameras have been corrected.

The July council meeting will be held on July 8th.

City Employee evaluation was discussed; a motion was made by Tepner, second by Fulwider to approve a 5% rate increase for Todd McMahon from 27.07 to 28.42 per hour, Becky Struthers from 22.48 to 23.60 per hour, and Jeff Wheeler from 16.13 to 16.94 an hour effective July 1. All ayes. Motion carried.

The following bills were examined and approved for payment

Monthly Gross wages                                     9049.65               Carquest Auto Parts                         415.53

IPERS                                                                     1741.20               Centurylink                                         392.47

Fed & FICA                                                          2373.08               Farmers Coop                                    197.54

Abens, Marty, Curran Agency                      5981.00               Hach Company                                  564.16

Agsource Coop Services samples                1264.00               humboldt Newspaper                    278.46

Orlys Maassen books                                          81.47                Menards sink                                     179.99

Northwest Communications                            31.48                Schoon Tree Service                         890.00



General                                 9413.96

Road Use                               802.58

Water                                    2202.57

Sewer                                      416.00

Landfill/Garbage               1067.00



The meeting adjourned @ 6:30PM


Becky Struthers, City Clerk