The Bode City Council met in regular session Tuesday January 2, 2024 at 5:30PM in the council chambers. All members were present. Mayor Peterson called the meeting to order, a motion was made by Tepner, second by Miller to approve the agenda as posted. All ayes, motion carried. A motion was made by Miller, second by Tepner to approve the minutes for the December 4th & 19th council meetings as published. All ayes, motion carried.

Mayor Peterson appointed Jess Tepner as mayor pro-tem; other yearly appointments are as follows: Brett Legvold with Arends, Lee, Emick & Legvold Offices-City Attorney; Newspaper-Humboldt Independent, Fire Chief-Mark Spaulding, Health Officer-Kossuth Regional Medical Center, Bank-West Iowa Bank (Resolution # 2024-1), City Clerk-Becky Struthers, City Maintenance-Todd McMahon. Mayor Peterson will serve on the 911 board.

A motion was made by Miller, second by Fulwider to approve the Class C Liquor License with Sunday Sales to the Red Lantern. All ayes, motion carried.

Mayor Peterson discussed possible timelines for training for all city positions.

A motion was made by Tepner, second by Miller to set the next regular council meeting as February 5th. All ayes, motion carried.

The following bills were examined and approved for payment:

Monthly Gross Wages                    9692.86               Agsource Coop Services                 112.25

IPERS                                                     1381.21               Arends & Lee                                      164.06

Fed & FICA                                          1877.30               Bomgaars Supply                              111.22

Display Sales                                       3934.00               Danko Emergency Equip                901.45

Farmers Cooperative                       1244.84               DFI-Solutions envelopes                363.11

J & A Outdoor Equipment                    9.60               Menards                                                 16.98

Short Elliot Hendrickson, Inc    18,449.57               Upper Des Moines                           250.00


                                                                General                                 6663.63

                                                                Water                                      377.61

                                                                Sewer                              18,547.32              


A motion was made by Tepner, second by Miller to adjourn @ 6:20PM


Becky Struthers, City Clerk