The Bode City Council met in regular session Monday April 3, 2023 at 5:30PM in the council chambers. All members were present, also present Stacy Lentsch and Emily from Midas Council of Government, along with Tom Madden the engineer providing the city with a Facility Plan Report for our Sanitary Sewer system. Mayor Peterson called the meeting to order, with a motion made by Tepner, second by Rongved to approve the agenda as posted. All ayes, motion carried.

A motion was made by Miller, second by Fulwider to approve the minutes of the March 6th & 14th Council minutes as published. All ayes, motion carried.

City Maintenance, Todd McMahon, informed the council that two new replacement flashing stop signs have been received and he will install, he also stated draw down for the lagoon will begin on April 15th and discussed new DNR requirements for water samples.

A motion was made by Rongved, second by Miller to approve the proposal from the pavement doctor for upcoming street repairs, the estimate being $3000 for a truckload, and $375 per ton after. All ayes, motion carried.

This being the time and place for a public hearing on the 2023-24 City Budget, there were not any taxpayer’s or citizens present for the public hearing. Therefore the 2023-24 City Budget is adopted as published. 

A motion was made by Tepner, second by Rongved to approve RESOLUTION NO. 2023-24, A RESOLUTION APPROVING CITY OF BODE’S ANNUAL BUDGET FOR FISCAL YEAR 2023-2024. Roll Call Tepner, Rongved, Miller, Hasfjord, and Fulwider all voting aye. 


Stacy Lentsch, from Midas Council of Government gave an overview of CDBG Water/Sewer funding. CDBG eligible applicants can apply for up to 500,000 in grant funds, she also informed the council of LMI (low to moderate income) criteria, and dates/deadlines for applicants. Following discussion, the council was informed that several steps still need to be completed before an application can be completed.


Tom Madden, handed out a pamphlet that outlines the Wastewater Project permitting process, with the next step needed being a Scheduled project Initiation meeting. This meeting would include our mayor, mayor pro tem, city maintenance, city clerk, engineer, and DNR. Following discussion, Tom will reach out to the DNR and schedule this meeting as Friday April 14th. Other items briefed on were disadvantage communities, bonding attorneys, and financial advisors.


The following bills were examined and approved for payment:


Monthly Gross Wages                                    8867.01                 Abens-Marty-Curran                      325.00

Bennett Recycling April-June                       1200.00                 Carquest Auto Parts                        213.81

Fed & FICA                                                          1705.26                 Centurylink                                         369.75

IPERS                                                                     1226.80                 Community Lumber                        212.99

Farmers Coop LP                                               1603.98                 Continental Research                     304.33

Cook’s Scrap Iron                                                 91.45                 Hawkins Inc                                        264.90

Humboldt Newspaper                                      212.63                IAMU water member dues          637.00

Northwest Communications                            31.48

                General                                8665.87

                Road Use Tax                     1123.64

                Water                                   1211.02

                Landfill/Garbage              3294.80


A motion was made by Fulwider, second by Miller to adjourn @ 7:15PM


Becky Struthers. City Clerk