The Bode City Council met in special session November 15, 2021 at 5:30PM in the council chambers. All members were present. Also present, Roger Rongved. Mayor Pro Tem Douglas called the meeting to order. A motion was made Tepner, second by Peterson to approve the agenda as posted. All ayes, motion carried.

Mayor Pro Tem Douglas appointed Councilmember Peterson as Mayor Pro Tem; newly elected officials will take place January 1st.

The council reviewed the Contract Proposal from Bennett Recycling & Sanitation. Following discussion; A motion was made by Tepner, second by Peterson to continue to have City owned sanitation continue. All ayes, motion carried.

The council reviewed the Bid from Jeff’s Lawn and Snow Care LLC. Following discussion, a motion was made by Peterson second by Tepner to keep the bid on file, at this time the city will continue to remove snow with employees in place. All ayes, motion carried.

A motion was made by Peterson, second by Tepner to adjourn at 5:50PM.

A “Temporary” Full-time maintenance position had been advertised in the Humboldt papers; one application was received. Paul McMahon joined the council at 6PM, following discussion the council approved Paul to fill a “Temporary” maintenance position at $13 per hour to be reevaluated in 30 days.


Becky Struthers, City Clerk