The Bode City Council met in special session May 24th at 5:30PM in the council chambers council members Fulwider, Peterson, Douglas, and Tepner were present. Council member Dale was very missed.

The council reviewed a summary of remaining work from Thomas Madden with SEH engineering company. Following review, a motion was made by Fulwider, second by Tepner to approve the option that would give the best information to determine any issues with the system. The total cost for the remaining work is estimated at 23,890. The city has already paid 7639.70; The SEARCH grant in the amount of 30,000 will not cover the total cost of engineering fees and complete system cleaned/televised. The city will be responsible for 15,529.70 above and beyond the grant. All ayes, motion carried.

This being the time and place for the public hearing on the amended 2020-2021 City Budget. There were no taxpayers or residents present, Mayor Miller called for any objections to the published amendment, and there being none a motion was made by Douglas, second by Tepner to adopt the amendment. All ayes, motion carried.

A motion was made by Peterson, second by Tepner to set next regular meeting as June 7th. All ayes, motion carried.

The meeting adjourned @ 5:50PM