The Bode City Council met in regular session Monday May 4, 2020 in the Bode Community Center and also allowing conference call attendance. Council members Douglas, Fulwider, Peterson were present, Tepner joined via conference call, and Dale was absent. Also present was Wes Boyer and Joshua Pope from Bolton & Menk, Shirley Helgevold from Midas Council of Government joined via conference call.

Midas Council of government assisted the city in sending out RFQs (Request for Qualifications) to receive a preliminary engineer report for our sanitary sewer system. The city received six responses from various engineering firms, the council received the RFQs prior to the council meeting to score each firm which were giving to the committee that was formed, this committee will consist of Council members Fulwider and Peterson, also on the committee is Mayor Miller, City Maintenance Todd McMahon, and City Clerk Becky Struthers. The committee will meet and start an interview process with the firms that have scored the highest.

Shirley Helgevold from Midas Council of Government directed the council on a proposed Urban Revitalization Plan for Tax Abatement, the new plan would encompass the entire city limits and offer tax abatement on a 7-year plan to both residential and commercial properties. The city will pay Midas Council of Government $375 to assist with creating this new plan.

The council reviewed the public measure that pertained to Local Option Sales Tax, the city currently allocates that revenue to Water Systems, Sewer Systems, Street Improvements, and also states and/or any lawful purpose. The council agreed that those funds will continue to be allowed for those purposes.

Attorney Lynn Seaba, had sent an update on the public nuisance properties. The house located at 501 1st Street has passed its 90 day right of redemption period and she will file a 120-day affidavit. The property located at 101 Rossing Ave has begun the 90-day redemption period which will expire July 13th. Following that period, she referenced Iowa Code Chapter 555B (abandoned mobile homes) Following review a motion was made by Peterson, second by Douglas to have Todd McMahon list the trailer to be removed for disposal. All ayes, motion carried.

Todd McMahon, city maintenance informed the council that a letter has been sent to the DNR in regards to Ammonia Nitrogen limits on the city lagoons.

Twin Rivers School district sent an agreement to gift the old school bus barn located at 102 Rossing Ave, following review a motion was made by Douglas, second by Peterson to delete item # 8 and #11A of the agreement. City Clerk directed to contact the secretary of the Humboldt School District in regards to those items. (A copy of the complete agreement is available in the city hall)

A motion was made by Peterson, second by Fulwider to approve Norms General Store Cigarette/Tobacco/Vapor permit. All ayes, motion carried.

A motion was made by Douglas, second by Peterson to approve the amended 2019-2020 City Budget and set public hearing as May 26th @ 5:30PM in the Bode City Hall. All ayes, motion carried.

A motion was made by Peterson, second by Fulwider to approve the building permits located at 101 1st Street and 302 Humboldt Ave. All ayes, motion carried.

The following bills were examined and approved for payment:


Abens, Marty Curran insurance 22,025.00 ACCO Liquid Chlorine 342.40

Arends & Lee 72.00 Carquest Auto Parts 15.89

Central IA Distribution sanitizer 103.00 Centurylink 346.37

City of Spencer landfill fees 560.85 Farmers Coop LP 212.59

Fire Safety USA stainless steel dump 1235.00 Humboldt Co Engineer calcium chloride 387.36

Humboldt Newspaper minutes/RFQs 174.35 Martin Marietta rock 567.42

MidAmerican Energy 1362.91 Northwest Communications 19.99

OHalloran International 2382.59 Quill Corporation 13.38

Bomgaars Supply 268.97 Monthly Gross wages 6952.32

IPERS 1150.85 Fed & FICA 1655.43


General 28,219.57

Road Use Tax 2,105.84

Water 787.66

Sewer 2920.19

Landfill/garbage 2650.02



A motion was made by Peterson, second by Tepner to adjourn @ 7:40PM


Becky Struthers, City Clerk