The Bode City Council met in regular session Monday March 4, 2019 at 6pm in the council chambers. All members were present. Also, present, Dave Lee, Paul Brown, Mark Spaulding, and Nick Collins. A motion was made by Douglas, second by Rongved to approve the agenda as posted.  A motion was made by Peterson, second by Douglas to approve the minutes of the previous meeting as published. All ayes, motion carried.


Dave Lee discussed the “Humboldt County Ordinance, Animal Protection & Control”, this ordinance is being requested throughout the county for all cities to adopt; The purpose of the Ordinance is to provide an orderly process for regulating animal protection and control in Humboldt County. This Ordinance also eliminates breed specific dogs. The council reviewed the ordinance; following review it was suggested that council members Douglas and Tepner work together on this ordinance, they will incorporate the counties model ordinance and the cities existing ordinance. The two members will present it to the council at the April Council meeting.


Paul Brown approached the council in regards to a 28E agreement between Livermore and Bode pertaining to Fire and First Responders. Paul has already approached the fire department and Mike Sexe, he wanted to have open communication with the council due to Livermore currently without first responders.


Mark Spaulding, Bode Fire Chief and Nick Collins approached the council on behalf of funding for a 36KW Generator that will be placed at the fire department/library building in case of a power outage. The Fire Department has secured funding for part of this generator, Nick approached the council requesting 7415.50 towards this project. Following discussion, a motion was made by Dale, second by Tepner to allocate the additional funding to the fire department for this project. All ayes, motion carried.


Clean Up days were discussed; currently we are looking at May 8th and 9th to be set for Spring Clean Up. City clerk to contact Bennett Sanitation, this year will be similar to what the city has done in the past with roll-offs being set at the maintenance shop; however, appliances, e-waste, and new this year the city will be charging for furniture as per prices set in our ordinance. A motion was made by Douglas, second by Peterson to approve this discussion. All ayes, motion carried. This will be listed in the April newsletter to outline prices, etc.

This being the time and place at which the council shall receive oral or written objections from residents or property owners of the city concerning the “Dangerous Buildings” Ordinance. The mayor called for any oral or written objections and there being none a motion was made by Douglas, second by Peterson to approve the Ordinance while waiving the second the third reading of the ordinance. Roll call: Tepner, Dale, Peterson, Douglas, and Rongved all voting AYE.


 “Dangerous Buildings”

Several Criteria are written in this Ordinance: Various Inadequacies, Manifestly Unsafe, Inadequate Maintenance, Fire Hazards, and Abandoned. A copy of the complete Ordinance is available at the Bode City Hall.

There were not any taxpayer’s or citizens present for the public hearing on the proposed 2019-2020 City Budget. A motion was made by Rongved, second by Douglas to adopt the annual budget for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2020. All ayes, motion carried.



A motion was made by Dale, second by Tepner to approve a $50 donation to the Humboldt After Prom committee. All ayes, motion carried.


A motion was made by Dale, second by Rongved to approve a Class C Liquor License to the Red Lantern. All ayes, motion carried.


City Hall/Community Center WIFI was discussed, the WIFI will be password protected and available to groups when the community center is rented, council member Tepner will locate an agreement for users upon using the WIFI when the building is rented.


A motion was made by Douglas, second by Rongved to approve Todd McMahon to attend the CCR class in Mason City on April 17th, the cost for the workshop is $50. All ayes, motion carried.


Mayor Miller commended Todd McMahon and Jeff Wheeler on a job well done with snow removal. He also wanted to Thank James Warnke, Bryce Jenson, and Kenny Metzger for removing snow around all of the city’s fire hydrants.


A motion was made by Dale, second by Douglas to set the next meeting as April 1, 2019. All ayes motion carried.


The following bills were examined and approved for payment:


Monthly Gross Wages                                    7180.04           ACCO Unlimited chlorine                  220.40

Fed & FICA                                       1571.08           Abens/Marty/Curran liquor license     325.22

IPERS                                                 1142.32           City of Spencer Landfill fees             275.20

Edna Kirsh History book                        35.00           ED M Feld Equipment SCBA bottle 140.00

Farmers Coop LP                                1404.13           Hach Company free/total packets       233.45

Humboldt Newspaper minutes             190.77           Northwest Communications                 19.99

Jacks OK Tire Service                         1336.80           Centurylink                                         326.90


General                                                7913.82

Water                                                    453.85

Landfill/Garbage                                   275.20          


A motion was made by Rongved, second by Dale to adjourn @ 7:55PM



Becky Struthers, City Clerk