The Bode City Council met in regular session Monday August 5, 2019 in the council chambers. All members were present. Also, present Larry Christianson, Janice Miller, Susan Turdo and Jolene Johnson. Mayor Miller called the meeting to order, with a motion by Douglas, second by Tepner to approve the agenda as posted. All ayes, motion carried. A motion was made by Peterson, second by Douglas to approve the minutes of the July 8th meeting as published.

Interest on a parcel of land was discussed, Parcel #0217426007, Lot 6, Block 2, Bode Ough addition. This lot is 100x122, Larry presented a letter of intent for this property, his plan is to build a 50x80 steel storage shed, which would also have water, sewer, and electric available. Following discussion, a motion was made by Douglas, second by Peterson to set a public hearing as:

Tuesday September 3rd at 5:45PM in the Bode City Hall to dispose of Real Estate Land owned by the City of Bode, Iowa: described as:  Parcel #0217426007, Lot 6, Block 2, Bode Ough addition. This lot is 100x122

Jolene approached the council regarding an easement in Hjelmelands Addition, she stated that several trees, buildings, and items belonging to property owners are currently blocking an area to electric poles and trucks are driving across her property. Following discussion, it was agreed that Council Douglas and City Maintenance Todd McMahon gather information on the alley/easement and bring the information to the Council at the next council meeting.

Todd McMahon, City Maintenance informed the council of the water tower cleaned/inspected report, he also informed the council that he would be starting draw down at the city lagoon as soon as allowed.

Creating a City Web page was discussed; Council members Tepner, Douglas, and Peterson will look into domain names, a cost to host and develop this website and bring this information back to the council when they have gathered all information needed.

A motion was made by Peterson, second by Rongved to remove the large tree (this tree in currently causing issue with the sidewalk, and is dropping branches) also the pine tree will be removed, in the empty lot South of the Community Center. City Maintenance will contact McPeak for the removal of these trees.

A motion was made Peterson, second by Dale to approve a building permit to Ron Christiana for a 74x16 addition to his current building on mainstreet. All ayes, motion carried.

Public Nuisance locations were addressed, council Douglas will stay in touch with attorney Lynn Seaba on the process of obtaining these properties.

A letter was reviewed concerning the cities stance on water/drainage issue at 603 Christiana Ave, this letter states that these issues are not connected to the city’s infrastructure. The letter will be signed by Mayor Miller and sent to the owners of the property.

The following bills were approved for payment:

Monthly Gross Wages                                   10,275.62             IPERS                                                     1019.17

Acco liquid Chlorine                                             220.40              Fed & FICA                                          1534.90

Bennett Recycling landfill fees                        384.10              Central Tank Coating                      2000.00

City of Spencer landfill fees                              315.47              Continental Research spray           280.31


Farmers Coop pressure check                         100.00              Gisch Repair service call                                  400.00

Humboldt Newspaper minutes                         98.70             Iowa DNR NPDES permit                 210.00

Iowa Onw Call                                                           13.50             Mangold Environmental                                 303.00

MidAmerican Energy                                         1286.47              Martin Marietta rock                       373.45

Northwest Communications                              19.99              Quill Corporation                                257.95

OHalloran International repairs                     1056.44              Bomgaars Supply trimmer              118.67

Retrofit Company ewaste items                                     320.15              Tom Shipman jetting                        350.00

Fire Service Training Bureau                           1975.00             


                General                                                14,888.02

                Road Use Tax                          753.81

                Water                                     2,146.30

                Sewer                                     1,559.17

                Landfill/Garbage                2,336.45


The meeting adjourned @ 6:40PM


Becky Struthers, City Clerk