The Bode City Council met in regular session Monday April 1, 2019 at 6PM in the council chambers. All members were present., also present Scott Curran, Matt Welter, and Kenny Metzger. Mayor Miller called the meeting to order; a motion was made by Peterson second by Douglas to approve the agenda. A motion was made by Rongved, second by Douglas to approve the minutes of the previous meeting as published. All ayes, motion carried.

Scott Curran provided the council with a brief summary of the City Property, Liability, Auto, and Workers compensation insurance.

The council reviewed the Animal Control Ordinance, following review a motion was made by Rongved, second by Tepner to approve changes to this Ordinance this ordinance eliminates breed specific dogs.

A public Hearing will be set for Monday May 6th @ 6:15PM “Animal Control” “Dangerous Animals” a copy of the complete Ordinance is available at The Bode City Hall


Kenny Metzger approached the council in regards to a building permit located at 603 7th Street. Several items were listed on this permit; following discussion it was recommended to table this permit until the May meeting. It was recommended to Kenny to make sure all set back building requirements were being made and to resubmit a new building permit and revise actual drawing pertaining to it.


Matt Welter with Mosquito Control of Iowa was present, he explained the difference between a Full Mosquito Control program and a program that sprays for mosquitos, following discussion a motion was made by Douglas, second by Dale to approve the program which also includes a residual barrier he cost for this program is $1585, all ayes motion carried.


A motion was made by Dale, second by Peterson to approve the closing of Humboldt Ave between 1st and 2nd Street for the Uffda Day Celebration which is set for June 15th. All ayes, motion carried.


The following bills were approved for payment:




Monthly Gross Wages                     7494.18          Ed M Feld SCBA bottle       275.00

Farmers Coop LP                             1294.45          Quill Corp notary stamp        82.95

Fed & FICA                                       1523.50          Central IA Dist wiper/scrubs107.50

IPERS                                                1129.41          ACCO unlimited                   105.60

Crahan Electric LED lights                        2052.80          USA Blue Book Reg           144.21

Northwest Communications              19.99          CNH Capitol hose ends     157.93

Humboldt Newspaper                         83.96          City of Spencer landfill       470.24





General                                  5978.51

Road Use                                756.85

Water                                        685.04

Sewer                                     1511.44


A motion was made by Tepner, 2nd by Rongved to adjourn @ 7:30PM.



Becky Struthers, City Clerk